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It’s our party and we’ll trash what we want to  eye triskele

An illustration of

How do creators add a twist to their tales? eye

Balinese baby receives gold and silver

Could your name be affecting your future? eye triskele

Nature’s way? We’re standing right in it  eye

The artist Prince performing Purple Rain

Weave some symbolism into your wardrobe knot

A painting of John Dee at the court of Elizabeth I

John Dee’s logo reflected the scope of the man  triskele knot

Misty English woodland

Casting out some devilishly irrational conditioning  triskele

How to hatch some richer ideas  eye

Leaders’ accessories speak volumes. This one won’t shut up  c latte 01 knot

A notebook and crumpled ball of paper

A checklist for choosing your key asset eye

The Symbologian standing in a London street

A resumé you won’t find on LinkedIn  c espresso 01