I turn straw into gold.


It’s what writers do.

Take the mundane, apply dark magick, then spin into a few column inches of gleaming prose. Best job in the world.


I write stuff: editorial pieces, content for sites, blogs and magazines. I normally focus on identity, symbolism and semiotics, and on esoteric ideas, beliefs and movements.

Symbologically Speaking

Odder is funner and I speak on recherché topics that interest me. You’ll find me every week on Clubhouse as a room host or contributor. I’m also available for radio and podcasts.

Startup Storycrafting

I sometimes work with entrepreneurs, angels and venture capitalists, helping businesses and individuals take the stage. I’m big on beginnings – guess it’s an Aries thing.

An Englishman abroad

Born in the land of cream teas and ubiquitous queueing, my workplace nestles at the tip of the Cotswolds. From here I write and occasionally consult with clients in the UK and US.

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