I write and speak about the unseen.


I’m Michael Sebastien –
writer, humourist, spiritual raconteur, popular
Clubhouse host and entertaining podcast guest.


I’m a wordsmith with a background in deep brand, creative thinking, semiotics and corporate behaviour – plus many years’ experience helping companies invent and re-invent themselves. Imagination is my business: weaving straw into gold, you could say.
   Now, my writing days are spent weaving my first novel and a non-fiction work, both due for 2022.


You can find me every week on Clubhouse where I co-host shows and pop-up rooms. I’m also an entertaining guest, available for panels, radio shows, podcasts and conferences.
   Audiences (particularly Americans) warm to my voice, accent, quirky humour and Oxbridge vibe. So let me bring a bit of Brit to your productions!

Find an audio portfolio here in March.

Spiritual Adventurer

There’s a deeper side to my work, too. I’m a respected spiritual teacher, speaker and mentor of individuals and groups. I still use the abilities I learned in creative business, to harness imagination and see the unseen. Nowadays, though, I help others find the unseen within themselves.
   I’ve explored and experienced many spiritual traditions. I follow the Druidic path, managing a 17th century sacred grove in the Cotswolds, at the nexus of several major Celtic spiritual sites.

Inimitably English

Born and bred in the land of cream teas and ubiquitous queueing, my work and spiritual practice is equally relevant in Bloomsbury as in Glastonbury. So when I’m not at my writing desk I’ll be wandering the hedgerows whistling for a Springer, or wandering Savile Row for a whistle and flute...

Articles & Audio

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