An explorer of the inner world.


Imagination is my business.
I weave straw into gold...

Writer & Storycrafter

With a background in copy, deep brand, visual design, creative thinking, semiotics and human behaviour, my words and definitions have helped many organisations invent and re-invent themselves over the years. Now, my writing days are spent weaving my first novel and a non-fiction work.

Esoteric Specialist

There’s a deeper side to what I do, too. As a respected spiritual teacher I use the abilities and techniques I honed in creative business – harnessing imagination, searching the unseen – to help others find the unseen within themselves.
   Over the years I’ve explored belief, ritual and myth, experienced spirituality at the fringe and engaged with practitioners around the world. This helps me comment on the arcane and outré (aka ‘weird and woo’) but also offers many glimpses into the human psyche and story.

Presenter & Podcaster

I’m currently developing a suite of Symbo Podcasts, and the first two series are now live. I’m also available for panels, radio and hosted conversations on audio apps. 
   Audiences (particularly Americans) warm to my voice, accent, quirky humour and affable vibe. So let me bring a bit of Brit to your production...

Inimitably English

Born and bred in the land of cream teas and ubiquitous queueing, my home is in the area once known as ‘Wessex’ (yes, Thomas Hardy country). I love England, despite our dysfunction, and the innumerable achievements this tiny, damp island of Albion has to its name. When not at my writing desk, you’ll find me walking that muddy land, wandering the hedgerows – and probably whistling for a Springer.

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