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The Rookie Druid’s Tale

Encounter the mysticism of the Bard and Druid in my podcast

Many people seek spiritual enlightenment. Not so many realise that enlightenment is seeking them...

Tiny events can snowball if you let them. It’s fascinating to look back and see how a flash of inspiration, a fleeting conversation or the appearance of a person or item had a butterfly effect and impacted your plans.

One such unexpected interaction came to me on a country walk when a pine tree dropped a cone at my feet – an event which began a trickle of thoughts, then a stream of actions, then a cascade of opportunities, which, months later, are still rolling steadily on.

Thanks to that pine cone I’ve met dozens of new friends, achieved a whole new level of self-awareness, started playing music after a long hiatus, landed a few gigs and begun podcasting. Amongst other things.

circles mIt’s also resulted in the making of a new series, ‘Awen Calling’ which is in part a look at Modern Druidry, and also an examination of the spiritual energies it invokes.

And that pine cone – appropriately – kicks the series off.

The mojo of the Universe

For over five decades I’ve been drawn to spirituality and on the trail of ‘awakenings’ of different kinds; observing and deconstructing them, examining and comparing them. Modern Druidry piqued my interest because, whilst not specifically a religion or spiritual path (more of a nature-based philosophy with associated ethical guidelines), the metaphysical elements that are adopted are familiar from eastern spirituality: concepts such as multiple lives and kundalini awakening.

One such similarity is the two energies which Bards and Druids call Awen (creative inspiration) and Nwyfre (life-force). These are the Druidic equivalent of concepts you find the world over – Prāṇa, Shakti, Holy Spirit, Kundalini, Ruach, Rūḥ or Paramatma. Now Pagan and New Age practitioners are often accused of ‘rebooting’ other religious concepts, but, if you consider Druidry’s origins in the cauldron of animism, thousands of years before Stonehenge, then pre-boot might be more apt. Turns out that you could say we are all basically designed to be Druids.

tree hood 500Singer and co-presenter Elizabeth Jardine

I like to follow a stream back to source, and so begins my search for Awen: the inspiring, empowering, mojo of the universe. And, perhaps, the capricious kind of force which might cause a pine tree to drop a cone and hijack someone’s life...

Wait a minute though – finding Awen? Like I’m finding Nemo? It would be more accurate to say I’m giving Awen permission to find me. But more about that later, on the podcast.

Speaking of, the series has begun – listen on Apple, on Spotify or your app of choice. With me is singer Elizabeth Jardine from Wales, the musical, magickal land of the Bard and Druid! More friends are lined up.

With stories, insights, music and meditations, our aim is to bring you one step closer to a genuine spiritual encounter, no matter what your particular path or practice.

Have a listen! And for some extra good karma, follow the show – and give it a good rating!

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