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An engraving of a man seeking knowledge

The Symbologia

Come inside, ye explorers of the unknowable  c espresso 01 triskele knot

My group could be the first stop on your spiritual path.

Got an interest in the intuitive? Prefer the paths less travelled?

Me too. But sometimes ‘spiritual’ people and those who seem more clued-in to the mystical side of life can be a little... trippy. Which can put off others who are genuinely seeking, but take a more logical view of the world.

Wait a minute though – don’t our brains have a creative and an analytical side? And they manage to cohabit pretty well.

So let’s create a balanced space! Later this year I’ll be starting a group called The Symbologia which will hopefully suit both.

If you’re beginning your own spiritual quest, or fancy tumbling down some new rabbit-hole of human existence, why not lumber over in that direction?

Come open-minded and open-hearted! The journey is supposed to be the fun part...

The Symbologia opens soon.


Top: The Flammarion engraving (1888) illustrates the quest for knowledge.